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Stand-out pieces for 2023

Alex Pritchard

06 March 2023

It’s finally the time of year where we can feel a bit more confident about lining our wardrobes with lighter, more summery clothing!

Each season our amazing golf brands are thinking ahead to what kind of styles and designs everybody’s after, and what’s going to make you feel and play the best on the course. We have a selection of absolute favourites that we know you’re going to love, and we can’t wait for them to be on the shelves so you can give them a good look over.

Glenmuir knows the necessity of how wearing amazing golf clothing that will be your go-to on a Saturday morning. Please read on as we explore their latest polo shirts and mid-layers. Who knows, something might just catch your eye!


Subtle and comfortable

The Torrance polo offers you the feel you need to keep your game going in the right direction. Made for performance, the polyester material is stretchy and flexible so you can swing your clubs totally unhindered by any friction. The colour pattern is attractive yet subtle with understated horizontal green and white horizontal stripes that we really love - they just add that little bit of style to this great-looking polo. The placket is a traditional three button and collar design so you can style the shirt to your preference. With this shirt you’ll have the edge you need to score low this summer.


Sleek and stylish

If you love intricate styles and a mix of colour, the Brody polo has it all going on. The torso and sleeves are covered in a camouflage pattern that includes a mix of light and dark shades of grey. The swirling camo motif includes both solid and dotted shapes. The hems of the sleeve and collar are black with two white stripes running around the edges. Glenmuir’s founding year 1891 is woven into the side of the sleeve. We love this shirt for how busy and alluring it is, and we know you will too.


Warm and light

If your arms feel restricted when you swing the clubs, we’d recommend a gilet to keep you warm and your natural movement free. The Cairn gilet is wind and rain-resisting and super lightweight so you’ll not be bogged down by the weather when you’re out in the elements. The gilet has a convenient white full length centre zip that runs from collar to waist, the rest of the material is a striking black. The lining warm and pleasant, this is a fantastic choice for those chilly mornings.


Looks good, feels good

If you want to benefit from having your entire torso and sleeves covered with a luxuriously soft protective layer, the Banchory sweater will have you playing in supreme comfort. The pure combed cotton material is both durable and incredibly breathable so won’t feel restricted as you play. The torso is a pleasant grey with light green highlights on the quarter zip and sleeves that makes for an attractive design. This is a great choice of knitwear to keep the cold out and keep you smiling.


Why golf clothing?

What’s so special about golf clothing? Well, there are a few different things to consider. First of all golf is fundamentally an outdoor activity, so, the clothing these brands make is made to be weather-resistant and able to put up with a little wear-and-tear.

Secondly, we’re always swinging our arms and turning our bodies when we play. The material used for golf apparel is flexible and helps keep your body movement as unrestricted as possible. If you try hitting a ball while wearing one then the other, you’ll find it a lot easier to play with a golf midlayer over a typical hoodie or jacket.

Finally, simple psychology, when we look good we feel good, and when we feel good we play better. Plus let’s face it, one of the best feelings there is, is playing good golf in the sun on a hot summer’s day.

We have a whole range of Glenmuir golf clothing available right now in the pro shop? Why not pop by for a new look? We’ll have you suited and ready to hit the course for summer golf in no time.

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