Cobra's fantastic Aerojet irons

Alex Pritchard

30 January 2023

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?…It’s the Aerojet.

The Aerojet range from Cobra has landed and we can’t believe all the tech that’s packed into these irons. We’ve had a go and striking the ball with one of these clubs gives you so much thrust and flight other golfers might mistake your ball for a Hawk T1. But what is it in the clubhead that gives you this much power? Please read on as we get into the awesome nitty-gritty behind Cobra’s latest range of ace irons.

First impressions

When you first see these irons on the shelf or in a bag, you’ll know you’ve met something special, and that’s before you’ve even had a go with them. The clubhead has the sleek aerodynamic carbon fibre aesthetics found in the Aerojet woods that scream speed and distance. The irons have blue and red highlights on the back that are reminiscent of coloured wing tips that might be found on an exotic bird. The grooves on the face are finely milled and you can feel the potential for total connection when the club is held at address.

Cobra Aeorjet iron
Cobra Aerojet iron

Most noticeably, the Aerojet One-Length irons are - as the name implies - all the same length of shaft (7 iron), from 4-iron through to sand wedge. Why? Well, it means you only need one set-up and one swing throughout this part of your bag, adding huge elements of consistency to proceedings. The game of golf is certainly already hard enough, have you ever considered how your game may benefit from using the same repeatable setup position?

The main talking points

Cobra sat down and wanted to come up with the best performing club possible while offering you an affordable price point. A win-win surely? As the name implies too, the Aerojet range is primarily designed for excellent aerodynamic manoeuvrability, resulting in giving you reliable, accurate results.

The PWR-bridge weighting includes a floating weight design which is separate from the face, and body of the iron. This 70g steel weight positions the centre of gravity lower resulting in amazing ball speed, flight, and distance. When it comes to the impact area, Cobra’s H.O.T face design uses artificial intelligence to create a variable thickness pattern which delivers more ball spin right across the face.

Cobra Aerojet iron range
Cobra Aerojet iron range

Range architecture

Whether you’re a single figure handicapper or wanting to get down to that stage, the Aerojet irons have something to offer you. They have that sleek appeal that looks great and will give you the confidence to really launch the ball, plus the tech in the face, sole, and back will give you the momentum and length to get from tee to green with ease.

The Aerojet One-length irons feature the same cutting-edge technology in the standard range, with all the benefits of giving you a consistent ball setup. If you’ve hit your irons well but struggle to make any connection with your wedges, perhaps you’d benefit from the same familiar feel when you’re standing over the ball?

If you’re thinking the Aerojet range would give you the boost you need to shoot lower scores we can help. Our custom fitting service is available to you, with our expertise, professional knowledge and love of the game key to giving you a fantastic experience and getting the right irons in your hands.

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