Brighten up your game

Alex Pritchard

16 August 2021

Titleist’s Velocity balls give you fantastic performance from tee-to-green, particularly when it comes to distance with your woods. Throw in the range of high-vis colours and you’ve also got a uniquely-brilliant, eye-catching look.

The best performance in balls that you can keep for longer

Losing your ball is one of the most frustrating parts of golf, so surely we should jump at any opportunity to reduce this? That’s the idea behind the green, orange & pink matte versions of these Titleist Velocity golf balls; easy to spot in the long grass when things do go wrong.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls
Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

But what about when things go right? Well, the high-speed LSX core and aerodynamic dimple pattern both help you to send the ball further down the fairway. And, adding to that, the greenside spin makes it easy to stop the ball on the greens.

If you’d like the best performance in balls that you can keep for longer, you can click the button below to learn more about these balls and even reserve some for yourself through us.

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